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London Gifted & Talented offers continuing professional development, resources and consultancy to improve the quality of gifted and talented teaching and learning. We work with students, teachers, schools, local authorities and organisations across the country and internationally.

Our areas of expertise include creating classroom challenge, critical thinking, personalisation, quality first teaching, independent learning, assessment for learning, urban education, disadvantaged learners and collaborative e-learning. Our aim is to inspire teachers and raise the achievement of all learners through an inclusive approach. We believe that all learners are entitled to be stretched and challenged.

If you're looking for courses, resources or education news visit Teacher Tools, our core resource for co-ordinators, teachers and parents on gifted and talented education.


For resources, courses, news and advice on gifted and talented provision visit Teacher Tools


For specialist advice, tailored training days or help with strategic planning see our areas of expertise

REAL Project

Working to improve the quality of gifted and talented education for BME and EAL students